4 Boring Things Every Dom Should Do

Being a dom is undeniably fun. You get to watch your sub perform for you, working feverishly to fulfill your desires.  With the added bonus of punishing him/her if they fail to please you. Nonetheless, this comes with extra responsibilities that should not be neglected. It is why many doms liken their position to that of … Continue reading 4 Boring Things Every Dom Should Do


5 Guidelines for Subs Seeking Doms

Some people have said I was remiss for talking about subbing/domming without providing adequate warnings. I agree. I will consider this the most important post of this website. This post is for you, the guy/girl who has fantasied about bdsm and being a submissive and are taking steps to turn these fantasies into reality - when … Continue reading 5 Guidelines for Subs Seeking Doms

Roleplay to Sublife: Classifying the types of dom/sub relations

"Do you get to have sex anytime you want?" "Is Jane always tied up at home?" "Do you carry a whip with you?" While Jane and I avoid having our dom-sub lifestyle be the focal point of our relationship status, sometimes our kinks leak out. And when it does, we have to prepare for a barrage of questions. A central theme is how much of our life and relationship is dominated by this lifestyle.