BDS-what? A glossary of kinky terms

A glossary of kinky terms

Updated: May 2017

Like psychology, the world of bdsm, subs and doms, Fifty Shades has many terms. We try to clarify some of them.

BDSM – bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. The community of people who enjoy being restrained, giving orders, listening to orders and some degree of pain or discomfort, all in a fun way.

Subs – Submissives. May also be called – endearingly – slave, pet, toy, or my personal favourite, naughty one.

Dom/domme – Dominants. Doms usually refer to male dominants, dommes to females. Master, Mistress, Sir and Miss are common terms too.

Bottom – Like subs, usually used for one play session.

Switch – People with both submissive and dominant tendencies, who alternate being a sub and a dom.