20 Unusual and Sadistic BDSM Punishments For Your Disobedient Sub

Punishments. They are a lot of fun, but sometimes you really want them to stick. The ideas here ensures that your sub gains no pleasure from disobeying you.


4 Boring Things Every Dom Should Do

Being a dom is undeniably fun. You get to watch your sub perform for you, working feverishly to fulfill your desires.  With the added bonus of punishing him/her if they fail to please you. Nonetheless, this comes with extra responsibilities that should not be neglected. It is why many doms liken their position to that of … Continue reading 4 Boring Things Every Dom Should Do

About us

Hi! I am Nic, boyfriend, soft toy, tickle buddy and dominant to Jane. Yep, somewhat like Fifty Shades of Grey. The last one might give you pause, especially when we are in conservative Asia. Being kinky comes with many negative connotations here, which we why we started this blog to share our thoughts on what … Continue reading About us

Roleplay to Sublife: Classifying the types of dom/sub relations

"Do you get to have sex anytime you want?" "Is Jane always tied up at home?" "Do you carry a whip with you?" While Jane and I avoid having our dom-sub lifestyle be the focal point of our relationship status, sometimes our kinks leak out. And when it does, we have to prepare for a barrage of questions. A central theme is how much of our life and relationship is dominated by this lifestyle.